Height Increasing elevator shoes for men. Be taller 7 cm/2.75 inches. Lace-up casual style sneakers. Nubuck exterior with extra light and flexible rubber sole. Model Matera. (40, Navy Blue)

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Masaltos shoes have a conventional appearance with a little secret. They are designed to make you grow taller up to 7 cm. All our height increasing shoes are cleverly constructed, so people won’t notice that you’re wearing them. Researches show that being taller can lead you to more success in many aspects of life and will make you feel more secure around people. Our exclusive designs are also very stylish and the structure of the shoes will ensure that your feet will be wrapped perfectly.Masaltos Italian quality shoes will increase your height by up to 2.75 inches (7cm).
Designed to provide an exclusive style, while giving you a lift from the inside.
Made with 100% Italian materials and with the best quality insoles which will ensure you the top comfort.
Reduces pressure on back and knees when walking or engaging in physical activity.
The form of the shoes is made properly so nobody can see any different appearance compared to any other traditional shoes.

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